Energy saving for hotels

Save on your hotel energy to boost business efficiency and your green credentials

An environmentally friendly hotel can be attractive to guests

Recommended temperatures for hotels

  • Corridors and bedrooms 19–21°C
  • Guest bathrooms 26–27°C
  • Bars and lounges 20–22°C
  • Restaurants and dining rooms 22–24°C
  • Kitchens 16–18°C
  • Laundries 16–19°C

Use thermostats, timer switches and radiator valves to control heat

Hotel heating systems

  • Regularly service boilers to retain efficiency and consider replacing units over 15 years old
  • Check all your pipework is well insulated
  • Don’t use extra electric heaters, which are very expensive to run
  • Encourage staff to use window blinds to retain heat in winter and keep it down in summer
  • Install a draught lobby at the main entrance to reduce heating costs

Properly insulate your roof – a building loses 22% of its heat through its roof

Water management in hotels

  • Check your water temperature is at 60°C – this keeps water hot and kills bacteria
  • Spray water taps use less water than conventional faucets
  • Fix leaking taps as quickly as possible

If you have a heated indoor swimming pool, keep it covered when not in use

Hotel air conditioning

  • Only turn on air conditioning when the temperature is over 24°C
  • Don’t waste energy by heating and cooling areas at the same time
  • Consider turning down heating before opening windows

Regular air-conditioning services help keep your system running efficiently

Hotel lighting

  • Encourage staff to switch off lights when they’re not needed
  • Use movement detectors, time switches and daylight sensors
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with LED ones

LED bulbs could reduce the electricity you use for lighting by up to 80%

Refrigeration in hotels

  • Keep fridge doors closed whenever possible
  • Regularly defrost and clean fridges
  • Check that the seals on cold rooms and fridges are intact
  • Keep the condensers and evaporators on your fridges and cooling equipment clean
  • If fridges only store fizzy drinks, turn them off after hours

When buying new refrigerators, AA++ rated units have the lowest running costs