• Although most businesses have an electricity supply, some also need to keep their business gas prices to a minimum. We show you how to keep costs low on this essential energy source.
  • Natural gas flames.The market for commercial natural gas supplies is still extremely
    competitive in the UK.
  • As with residential pricing you can opt for choosing dual fuel metered tariffs, although it’s best to get separate quotes also.
  • Like all utilities, you should calculate new unit rates on an annual basis to ensure you’re on the lowest available prices for your meter.
  • We also provide free energy management software to large customers presenting your consumption data in graphical and data formats.

For a quick quote call our energy customer services team on 0800 690 6008 who have access to all broker-based options. UK suppliers offer fixed priced contracts for between one and three years in length.

  • Our branded “Smart Zoning” allows SME and micro businesses to select the provider that’s most suitable for their circumstances. Larger organizations should consider trialling our unique “group buying” basket prices which are tendered each week. This procurement method could save an additional 10% above any quotes you already have.

Why Choose us for Your Gas Supplies?

Our team of professional energy brokers simply want to save you money on your bills.
You receive all the following benefits from our price comparison service:

Free No-obligation

Whatever size your business is we guarantee to provide at least four competitive supplier quotes. We’ll select the cheapest options for you using our vast industry knowledge. If you select one of these we’ll also switch you free of charge.

Smart Zoning Plans for Efficient Pricing

To ensure you get the best deals we operate zonal meter pricing. This integrates your consumption data with the competitive tariffs for your circumstances.

Group-Buy Options Available for Corporate Customers

We operate one of the few “group buying” markets in the UK. Club together with other similar organizations to leverage your collective buying power and you could all save an additional 10% on your bills.

Manchester Based Customer Services Team

Our broker team is based in the North of England so you get to speak with UK experts. We don’t operate a telesales hard sell environment and have many thousands of satisfied

Free Energy Management Software

If you use over 100,000 kWh per year and select a tariff from us, we’ll provide you with industry leading software to manage your data. There is no charge for this service. We provide external support as well for the duration of your contract.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Get Exclusive Rates

  • From our direct relationships with market leading energy providers we have tariffs not available anywhere else. These rates could save you between 10% and 20% over other standard tariffs.
  • We work with over 5,000 local and national companies in the UK in every industry sector. Whether you own a high street restaurant, an accounting company, a consulting brokerage, a computer systems organisation, or a chain of stores, we can help you.
  • We’re truly independent of all the main six providers. You’ll also have access to the smaller independent players in this industry that are growing fast. We’ll find the most suitable tariff for your circumstances.

How do I Switch to a Cheaper Tariff?

  • The gas switching process is fast and simple. Once you’ve chosen your contract type we’ll send you your new contract for approval. Sign this and post it back to us then we’ll arrange the transfer of your contract. The paperwork is submitted for switching to your new provider. You’ll start to receive your new invoices within a few weeks.We don’t stop there though. We’ll be with you throughout your entire contract term. We’ll even remind you to shop around again three months before your next renewal date. This process ensures you’re not rolled over at higher prices or get placed onto deemed rates.

Check Prices
Each Year

Firstly, like all costs in a business, you should seek out new gas prices each year to ensure you’re on the most competitive tariffs. Much like electricity, you’ll be placed on a new fixed term contract, for at least one year, with fixed prices. Simply choose the tariffs that are most suitable for your business.

Seek Out Further

Other ways to save money are to pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit much like you do with your home expenditure. Direct Debit mandates can save you between 2% and 4% each year on your gas costs. These automated payments are easy to set up and monitor. Most of the major gas providers also provide additional discounts if you take both fuels as a dual fuel contract. Your Account Manager can help you with this.


The energy providers are also keen to reduce the amount of fuel your business consumes each year. They can provide help and guidance if you’re willing to work with them. Their energy efficiency advisers can help you save on gas consumption by around 10% each year, which reduces the amount your business spends each year.

How to Reduce Your
Business Gas Rates
Even Further

  • Much like the domestic market, business owners can reduce their costs even further by making small changes to the way they conduct their utility management.

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Getting a Quote and Switching
Your Gas Supplies

  • As mentioned above, it’s easy to get an online quote for gas for business users. Once you find the tariff most suitable for your commercial requirements, the new company will undertake the switching process on your behalf.
  • If you’re staying with your current supplier, then they’ll simply send you out a new contract at the rate you’ve agreed to. When switching, there’s no interruption to your supply. All the paperwork and processing is undertaken for you. It’s really easy, so why not see if you can save money for your commercial gas supplies by getting a quote today.